"Lighting from the Darkness" is the result of a journey to the heart of darkness, a journey of introspection.

It started in 2012 when my wife Montse died. (PICTURES FROM NOWHERE).

Plunged in darkness, and sometimes bathed in alcohol, I got to touch the bottom, the darkest part of my heart. I felt there was no way out.

The memory of Montse made me look for a reason to get ahead. And when you find yourself immersed in darkness there is nothing better than looking for light.

I have been researching and working on light and shadows for years.

So with the camera and some flashlights I began to illuminate my darkness, my shadows, my fears, my subconscious ...

I applied the basic principle of light. For an object to be seen we need three things: a light source, an object that reflects it and an observer that picks it up. I started to work.